Julia Quick Syntax Reference

~~community site~~

Welcome to the support & community site for the Julia Quick Syntax Reference (2019), Apress book.

This book should give you a fairly complete, yet accessible, overview of the language and of the main packages that encompass its "ecosystem", in order to start being productive as soon as possible.

Once proficient, I suggest you to consolidate your understanding of the language consulting the outstanding official Julia documentation and those of the individual packages that you will use. And, sure, be involved in the community, either in Stack Overflow or on the "official" Discourse forum.

The book is updated to reflect the latest versions of both the core of the Julia language (1.3) and packages. In this first edition I discuss the following packages: CSV.jl v0.5.11, HTTP.jl v0.8.4, XLSX.jl v0.5.4, JSON2.jl v0.3.1, Cxx.jl v0.3.2, PyCall.jl v1.91.2, PyJulia v0.4.1, RCall.jl v0.13.3, JuliaCall v0.16.5, BenchmarkTools.jl v0.4.2, ProfileView.jl v0.4.1, JuliaInterpreter.jl v0.6.1, Juno v0.9.1 (Atom.jl) / v0.9.4 (atom-julia-client), DataFrames.jl v0.19.2, DataFramesMeta.jl v0.5.0, Query.jl v0.12.1, IndexedTabless.jl v0.12.2, LAJuliaUtils.jl v0.2.0, Pipe.jl v1.1.0, Plots.jl v0.26.1, StatsPlots.jl v0.10.2, JuMP.jl v0.19.2, GLPK.jl v0.10.0, Ipopt.jl v0.5.4, SymPy.jl v1.0.5, LsqFit.jl v0.8.1, Weave.jl v0.9.1, ZipFile.jl v0.8.3, Interact.jl v0.10.2, Mux.jl v0.7.0.

Unfortunately I don't have permission to disseminate the whole book. You may finds interesting my earlier "Julia concise tutorial" from which the book has taken somehow inspiration. If you are interested in buying the book please consider using one of the following links.. sadly enough, I would receive more money from you clicking the link than as author's royalties (the price for you is obviously the same as going directly to Amazon. Apress shop may be cheaper, depending from your country):